JANNOT GROUP SARL is a marine propellers foundry and an export globally acting company, independent custom-built manufacturing plant located in Tangier Free Zone in northern Morocco with a skilled staff, incorporating every stage of modern marine propeller manufacture and supplying to customers all over the world.

Responding to recent positive developments in the global propellers market, JANNOT Group Propellers was established in 2013 to become the most valued supplier of marine propellers of our customers for fishing vessels, workboats, tugboats, offshore supply vessels, pilot boats, Trawlers, crew boats, barges, high-powered vessels and displacement vessels.

Our customers include manufacturers of marine propulsion units, shipyards, ship-owners and propeller workshops.

The factory is situated within 50 kilometers of the Mediterranean’s most important transit port “Tanger Med Port” and due to the geographical location it is possible to export the propellers in a short period of time to all destinations in Europe, in America and in Africa.


The management team has a wealth of experience in the propellers industry since 2004 and consists of one marine engineer, one naval architect and two industrial engineers.


Our foundry is focused on the customer, and his demand for excellent quality, on-schedule delivery and low cost. 

JANNOT has a cooperative leadership style as vision and culture of social responsibility, that is based on shared values, an atmosphere of trust and on sustainability are just as important for the success of our company as our employees’ which is sustainable as well as resource-saving. We also owe a responsibility towards future generations. This means that we should be careful in using the resources, such as raw materials, available to us and ensure that they do not deplete.